Roy Crab Hates DJO

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Stupid Words

It’s amazing what you can come up with when you have too much time on your hands. As you know, an anagram is a word built from the letters of another word, IE “Stop” & “Post”. If you take all the letters that make up “Dayjob Orchestra”, throw them in a fruit basket & mix them up (as we did), you will discover at least 100 anagrams. That is, 100 phrases using correctly spelled English words or abbreviations, where all 15 letters are used:

Joy Bros’ Death Car
Trashy Road Object
Bad Theory Jars Co.
Roy Crab Hates DJO
Dr. Joe Robs a Yacht
Each Day, Rob J. Rots
Shoot, Jab, Cry, Read
Jordy B. Eats Roach
Dryer Chaos at Job
Thor Races Dayjob
Jars Coat Her Body
Today’s Job: Her Car
Joy! The Car Broads!
Shared Cot Joy Bra
Joy Bothers a Card
A Short Yard Object
Dr. Jaco’s Earth Boy
Joy! Beat Orchards!
Jacob Heard Story
Abort Search Jody
Drab Jac Hero Toys
Jacob’s Harder Toy
Bars Teach Rod Joy
Cry “Oh” Joe Bastard
Hard Bra Cost Joey
Hey, Dobro Cat Jars
Darcy J. Trash Oboe
Joy Throb’s Arcade
Oh, Jerry’s Bad Taco
Dr. Joy Beats Roach
Dr. Joy Eats Broach
Dr. Joy Seat Broach
Dr. Joy’s Heat Cobra
Joy Act Bod Sharer
Joy Carbs Rot Head
Joy! Torched Arabs!
Joe’s Drab Toy Arch
DJ Harry T. Caboose
Cry “Jo” to Shed Arab
Jab Each Dry Torso
Joy CDs Throb Area
Jaba the Sorry Cod
Roast Each Job Dry
The Coy Radar Jobs
A Botched Rosy Jar
Do Share Crab Joy
JB Rosco Death Ray
Ahoy! Red Job Carts
Chord Boy Eats Jar
Easy Bro Hot CD Jar
Ed Carrot Joy Bash
Hey Sad Carrot Job
Jo’s Oar Derby Chat
Baha CD Joy Resort
Brash Red Taco Joy
Jay Corrodes Bath
Brad H., Joy Coaster
Bad Try, Choose Jar
At Roy’s Boched Jar
JR Yoda’s Other Cab
Chad, Try Oreo Jabs
Joy Bathes Car Rod
Yech! Bad Root Jars
Hot Bread Joy Cars
Bach Jar Rodeo Sty
Cathy B. Rodeo Jars
Dr. Achy Boot Jears
Dry Carat Shoe Job
Joy Shred Taco Bra
Chaser To a Dry Job
Joy as Torch Beard
Brother Jay as Doc
Jab Trashy Oreo CD
Rob, The Sad Coy Jar
Sado-Joy Herb Cart
To Her Dayjob Scar
Do Jab The Cars, Roy
Soy Car Job Hatred
A Sacred Throb Joy
Rooster Had BC Jay
Astro BJ Day Chore
Yoda Jar Chest Bro
A Sore Batch Dr. Joy
Boo, Try Jade’s Arch
Joy Cars to be Hard
Cry “Sore Hat” at Job
The Coy Jars Board
Jab Darcy’s Hooter
Dr. Cobra’s Joy Heat
BC Too Dry, Share a J
Joy Rats Bed Roach
Oh Joy, Cedar Brats
Jar Soothed by Car
Boa Jo’s Dryer Chat
Toy J Breads Roach
Scary OJ Hated Rob
Dr. Cosy Hot Ear Jab
Torso Jab by Dr. A. Chey
Choose Jay, Dr. Brat
Dr. Jay Batch Oreos
Joy Chest Road Bra
Hooray! CD Bra Jets
Joe’s Hot Crab Yard
A Cry Jar Does Both
Dear Trashy Job Co:
Dojo Arse Bath Cry
Chest Ray Door Jab
A Dry Score Hat Job
Scar Her Job Today
Co-ed Boy Trash Jar
Tod Car, Joy Basher
Trashy CEO Jab Rod
Bach Star, Redo Joy
Orchard Joy Beast
Bastard Chore Joy
Jars To Reach Body
Brad Rots Each Joy
Ah Joy…Strobe Card
Brash Co-ed Jar Toy
Jay Door Bra Test
O Joy, The Rad Crabs
Rad Roy Cheats Job
Yes Rod…Chat Or Jab
Crash Year Dot Job
Caged Boots Harry
Bored Rat Joy Cash
Yoda J. Throb Cares
Stab Hero Joy Card
A Sacred Broth Joy
Betray Josh or a CD
DJO Boys Hear Cart
Jay Scored Hot Bra
Batch Joy Arse Rod
Hard Breast Joy Co

One of our former bands, “State of the Art”, became better known by its anagram, “Eat Otter Shaft”. This complete waste of everyone’s time is brought to you by DJO.

Former DJO band names:

Sex With the Insane
The Soaring Throats
Your Parents
Stage Tumor
The Abortones
Anyone Seen My Keys?

  1. tieranosaur says:

    hahaha, Eat Otter Shaft, that’s fucking awesome xDDD

  2. juice_gut says:

    DJO strikes again.

  3. Adrienne says:

    I wonder if anyone, other than perhaps the DJO guys, actually read all of those. I like Oh, Jerry’s Bad Taco. I think Jerry’s Bad Taco would make an epic band name.

  4. OneMinuteGalactica says:

    I read them all. Twice.

  5. Bar Scotch says:

    Awesome anagram list. It’s reminiscent of Dave Barry and cran-grape cocktail. BTW much love for your music and your random-ass comedy vids. Y’all’s boys rock balls.

  6. Bar Scotch says:

    OH and I now officially want to start a seafood restaurant called Joe’s Hot Crab Yard.

  7. Nangjü says:

    Computer, security code alpha 3456 apple juice… bum.

  8. Sara says:

    the ones about orchards are quite fitting

  9. Max Supernova says:

    I like “Jaba the Sorry Cod”… lol.

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