The Two-Word Flail

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Stupid Words

It started out as a word game we came up with on long boring drives between gigs. We called it “words not found in the Bible”. For instance, modem, fries, and rimjob. Then it evolved into the “two-word flail” – two incongruous words that make up a term which no sane person could ever envision, nor would ever have a use for. For example, “apology fluid”. A way to test for the incongruity or a two-word flail is to Google it in quotes. If the words don’t show up together in a sentence, then you are truly random – congratulations.

Some DJO 2wf’s:

Bunny Silo
Attack Hedge
Hammerhead Panda
Ballroom Fasting
Bubble Husband
Pudding Belt
Timing Puke
Battle Slippers
Bullet-Proof Kids
Lung Nuns
Anti-aircraft Wedding
Glue Race
Lint Parade
Soup Gun
Synchronized Sleeping

You get the idea.

Goodbye Pants

  1. Constantinos Galilei says:

    It ticks me off that “sapient clonazepam” had three hits.

    By the way, you realize that you just ruined that list, right? It won’t be long before those phrases turn this page up.

    I’m not going to bother searching these:

    Hoedown Particle
    Priestly Pie
    Cheese Japanese (as opposed to Danish?)
    Guitar Noodle
    Alfredo Jelly
    Mouse Ketchup
    Panda Ra- scratch that one. (The interesting thing will be to see how many comments do NOT mention that.)
    Vase Food
    Percolator Infant
    Checkbook Gravel

  2. ozzmosis says:

    Shades of Googlewhacking…

    hamster cleavage

    • tieranosaur says:

      That’s what I was thinking! I read the book by Dave Gorman called Googlewhack… it was interesting at times.

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  4. Jeff says:

    Maybe a cartoon should be made where some of these phrases brought to life! (as much as possible).. It would be perfect for adult swim!! lol..

  5. Parker says:

    My friends and I have a similar word game we play, whereby we collect phrases that make perfect sense, but only in the very limited context in which they’re first uttered. We identify them by saying, “Okay, now we need to make a rock band named _____.” My favorite that I can currently recall is “Conga Line to Oblivion” – and, yes, that made sense at the time.

    We have another game in which we switch the conjugations of verbs that rhyme in the present tense; for example, “I Drink, I Drank, I had Drunk,” therefore: “I Think, I Thank, I had Thunk.”

    Yeah, my friends and I are geeks.

    • Constantinos Galilei says:

      Have you ever read Dave Barry? He’s a humor writer for newspapers and he does this all the time. He’ll be writing about some ridiculous thing in the news and at some point mentions that it would make a good band name.

      My favorite was when he was talking about some Asian country where some people have jobs collecting bat poo from caves. (Am I the only one who thinks this is the coolest job in the universe?) Anyway, there are rival “gangs” of workers who collect them and they’d been fighting between them, throwing rocks at each other to fight the competition (much like Microsoft and Apple). Toward the end of the article, he mentions that “Rival Bat Dung Gatherers” would make a great band name.

      And I’ve thought about it.

  6. barscotch says:

    My wife & I play a similar game. One person starts with a word then the other person adds one to two words either before or after or around it. You continue building until you make up one or two random-ass sentences, and each time you take your turn, you have to recite everything that was said previously. It can be quite useful for keeping up the concentration if, like me, you tend to tire easily behind the wheel. One of my favorite characters we ever came up with in the playing of that game was “Pimply Itchy Nutsack Bob.”

  7. bretthenebery says:

    Milky Fatwa
    Fairyfloss Coma
    Bio Waltz
    Poodle Bang
    Fist Cam
    Commando Salad
    Dizzy Wink
    Chemsuit Party
    Lightning Hut
    Clown Famine
    Technicoloured Yay
    Laser-Guided Pram
    Imperial Sausage
    Helicopter Funeral
    Back Sauce
    Pram Cannon
    Turbo Corn

  8. bretthenebery says:

    Here’s some I inadvertently left out:

    Sushi Maze
    Trumpet Vision
    Ninja Flap
    Rhythmic excuse
    Plasma wince
    Swamp angel
    Throat visa

  9. bretthenebery says:

    Herbal sun dance
    Dyslexic light bulb
    Murphy’s Karma
    Phillippino Hydo-wing
    Gravity train

  10. ruizsf says:

    Hey DJO,
    Me and my bandmates play The Anal Game, while riding in the van.
    Take the word Anal, and put it in front of a car name
    Anal Mustang
    Anal Pathfinder etc., etc.,…

    Older cars work better, have fun on the road!

    Fruit Basket Fucker Ray

    • Bill says:

      I was just sitting here, pondering stupid thoughts, and the words “Masturbation Mechanic” came up out of nowhere…

  11. Brett says:

    Guys, the two-word flail is HILARIOUS!!

    Please do more!

    (pretty please with a shinobi cutlet on top)

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