THE SHREDINATOR- a study on dickheads

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Stupid Videos

…just checking the Youtube comments, and received a very angry comment on the main page from a guy called The Shredinator.

Great comment! He totally loved us, till he found out we’re Canadian.  Awwww.

Do they understand that anything you post is there for good? You can’t take a stupid comment back, folks!

I don’t get it…why do people go out of their way to act like a child & where does this anger come from?

We’ve been called racist for making fun of Condi Rice, we’ve been called “shamefull” and “disgusting” for making fun of the president (he’s not even our prez)

We got shit for making fun of Stephen Hawking, not to mention the countless prople we’ve upset because of our views on 911.

But this guy…maybe it’s all the racist favourites he has, or the smug ignorant pride…gets under my skin. Can everyone please do me a favour & fill his comments with Apple Juice and Fruitbaskets. This guy needs a kiwi, fast.

It’ll be fun & it will confuse the shit out of the guy 🙂

Here is a screenshot so far of his page….THANKS everybody!!!

  1. PeteD says:

    Don’t worry guys, it’s just the ever decreasing world IQ at work again.

  2. Constantinos Galilei says:

    Okay, I did. I felt really silly and dirty about it. Thank you.

    Wait… you’re Canadian??? Aw SHIT! Let me check the manual….

    Damn. I have to hate you now. Official reasons include: poutine and the misuse of gravy, saying words like “about” really funny, and your bacon sucks.

    “The Red Green Show” almost makes up for it, though.

    Seriously, I don’t get the weird anti-Canadian thing here in the US. First of all, this is the only country in which you’ll find one. I don’t get it. Is it because you’re destroying the fabric of society by allowing gay people to marry instead of upholding liberty and freedom by not giving them any? Is it because our health insurance companies leer at us lecherously as though we’re all fruit baskets waiting to be fucked while you guys don’t get what people who lazily allow themselves to get sick or injured deserve?

    Excuse me. Do I sound a little bitter?

    Anyway, you forgot FDR. That was where I saw the worst of it, along with a really stupid and pointless argument about his worth as a president that went on for weeks.

    Anyway, when are we getting more Obama? The two main ones you did were absolutely fantastic. And there *has* to be plenty of material out there that would be perfect for it. He enunciates so well and that has got to be worth more videos. And when are we getting the results of the project you came up with before?

  3. He’s screened comments on that video now, but not on his channel.

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