DJO to form RUSH cover band

Posted: August 11, 2010 in DJO Newz

Mike here…UPDATE TIME!!
Pete & I have joined up with our good friend, Dusty, and we’re forming a Rush tribute. We’ve yet to find our singer, but we got the music down…
Anybody know a singer that can do a good Geddy Lee? Doesn’t have to play bass, just sing.
This will not affect our videos, in fact, there’s another one coming soon!
We’re taking scenes from Star Trek TNG’s “The Game”, and having lots of fun with it, especially the scene where Picard & Wes are having tea….

  1. Giuse says:

    Not a particular fan of rush and not a member of these forums but seems like a good place to start?

    Anyways keep the vids coming, especially the TNG ones. I actually watched all 7 seasons of that show solely because I watched “stuff we found in the dryer” ^^

  2. MaxForky says:

    What does this mean for the future of DJO? I’ve been waiting for the new album. It hasn’t been canceled, has it?

  3. Gabe says:

    I saw Rush on snakes and arrows, they were fucking apple juice.

  4. Duke says:

    Man, I would love to be a part of that. Too bad I’m so far. I’m trying to get that together in Helsinki, actually.

    Would I have made the cut?


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