We have T-shirts!

Go to Zazzle.com and choose from several silly DJO t-shirts! And if you have a certain favourite line or phrase you want on a shirt, just post it here, and we’ll design one for you!!

  1. Jesus Christ says:

    I’m glad you guys are around

  2. Panda Rapist says:

    DJO is almost as awesome as apple juice. Warp me to Halifax.

  3. Gary Tether says:

    How about “who ate my wife” on the front and “wedding” on the back??

  4. Matt says:

    I’m kinda fond of “Bah, you’ve gotta fuck the FACE first!” – but I don’t see that one going over too well in my small town, so perhaps…

    “Hi. I’m Andy, and I am a princes…”

  5. Matt says:

    Or the ever popular –
    “Who poo’d on your dad ?”

  6. Derek says:

    I would totally buy one that said “How about an ice sandwich you fridge?”

  7. Adrienne says:

    Wish I had money. I’d have a whole DJO wardrobe.

  8. Matt says:

    I wish you could do the shot of Geordi from – I think it was “online swimming” – where he scream’s “I’ll have my ice – extra cold !” God that makes me laugh every single time I see it. Just a shot of him screaming with the words below it. lol – would that be infringement ?

  9. Bailesie says:

    “DO YOU HAVE A WRENCH?!” cracks me up every time. Hope you put some more apparel out there soon!

    Keep up the great work, guys! Love the vids and LOVE the music!

  10. Derek says:

    Jim Bob Orchestra on the front. With a felafel on the back.

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