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Big Grey Ribbon

Posted: January 31, 2011 in DJO Newz, Stupid Videos

 Here’s the link to download your very own,  high-quality video of DJO’s “Big Grey Ribbon”, the one FOX made us take down. Now you can all share it amongst yourselves..

PS: Although it would please us greatly, we are not giving this out to be re-uploaded, over and over again. FOX wouldn’t like that. So, if you have any repect for FOX, then please don’t spread this video around like wildfire. Thank you. 51Mb



Mike here…UPDATE TIME!!
Pete & I have joined up with our good friend, Dusty, and we’re forming a Rush tribute. We’ve yet to find our singer, but we got the music down…
Anybody know a singer that can do a good Geddy Lee? Doesn’t have to play bass, just sing.
This will not affect our videos, in fact, there’s another one coming soon!
We’re taking scenes from Star Trek TNG’s “The Game”, and having lots of fun with it, especially the scene where Picard & Wes are having tea….

Be in our video!!

Posted: June 18, 2010 in DJO Newz

Thanks everybody for the videos so far! They’re great! Keep em coming!!!

Just send us in a video of you saying your favourite line. Make it as high-quality as you can for under 10MB, and we’re going to make a compilation.

Here’s the email to send stuff to:

In the subject line please write APPLE JUICE, so we know it’s not spam!!

Apple Juice Tour (one night only)

Posted: June 15, 2010 in DJO Newz

I am a friend of DJO and have been a big fan of their music and videos for a long time.  I have wanted to organize a show incorporating their music and videos and they have finally agreed!  Well, there is a catch: We need to get enough people together to make the show possible.  If you are someone who would want to see them do their thing and can get to Toronto, comment below so we know how feasible this idea is.  Woooot Apple Juice.

Fish Cream – New Vid

Posted: June 10, 2010 in DJO Newz

After 20 hours, Fish Cream has 6216 views!  Sorry to the early viewers who liked the first edit better – we pulled it after one hour online and then re-upped it with some fixes.  Not much more to say other than fish beat. And watch the video.

DJO fans rock harder than actual rocks!!!

DJO – A Blog is Born

Posted: June 5, 2010 in DJO Newz

Oh my Blog! Michael Thorne and myslef, Pete Swann are pleased to present the official Dayjob Orchestra Blog; a mission to entertain, offend and confuse as many people as possible.

What the hell is DJO?

DJO started as a a progressive rock band in 1991 consisting of:

Drums – Michael Thorne
Guitar – Pete Swann
Bass – Christ Robertson

We did not expect to eventually become better known for our stupid videos, but life is like that – random.

The stupid videos originated at our first jam spot, Giant Screen TV, when Mike came up with the idea to replace dialog using two VCRs. One VCR would record video from the other, while we dubbed in the new audio with a microphone. This was painstaking – we had to re-sync both machines for each attempt at each line & the video quality sucked.

Years later, in September of 2006, Mike uploaded the first computer-edited DJO video to YouTube, called “Condi Rice Freaks Out“. Between two uploads, that video now has  602,000 views. The most popular video so far is “Happy in Paraguay“, with 1,245,123 views, thanks mainly to AOTS (Attack of the Show) who aired it in part one day after we uploaded it. AOTS gave us another plug the following week and even drank apple juice on the show! Another fav by views is “StarTrek Outtakes II“.

How do we do it? Lots of people ask how we sync the words and what software we use. If there was software to put random words in people’s mouths, I’d definitely buy it, but I haven’t seen it yet. We use Sony Vegas – real easy to use audio/video editor. As for how we sync the dialog, here’s the basic method:

1> Choose a short line of dialog or a short part of a line of dialog that you want to replace.
2> Watch the line many times. (without the original audio)
3> Come up with your best match for timing, expression and emphasis.
4> If you are rolling around on the floor laughing, move on to the next line.

Of course this means there will be no continuity between lines, but that never bothered us.

What’s with the apple juice? We’ll never tell.

What style is our music? We call it Sweet Neo-contemporary Post-previous Disco-metal with a side of James Taylor.

Who does the voices? Me & Mike do all of them interchangeably. I have to digitally pitch myself down to do Worf, but Mike can do Worf no prob.

Why are we truthers? Because we’ve done the research.

Why do you use profanity and gratuitous sexual references? Because we are not politically correct and because we consider them more silly than literal. You have been warned.

When’s the next video coming out? In about a week!

What’s the mating call of the Hammerhead Panda? Blaaaaaaarrrrrrggggg!

There are FIVE Fish heads.

Thanks for checking out the DJO Blog!