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Big Grey Ribbon

Posted: January 31, 2011 in DJO Newz, Stupid Videos

 Here’s the link to download your very own,  high-quality video of DJO’s “Big Grey Ribbon”, the one FOX made us take down. Now you can all share it amongst yourselves..

PS: Although it would please us greatly, we are not giving this out to be re-uploaded, over and over again. FOX wouldn’t like that. So, if you have any repect for FOX, then please don’t spread this video around like wildfire. Thank you. 51Mb



…just checking the Youtube comments, and received a very angry comment on the main page from a guy called The Shredinator.

Great comment! He totally loved us, till he found out we’re Canadian.  Awwww.

Do they understand that anything you post is there for good? You can’t take a stupid comment back, folks!

I don’t get it…why do people go out of their way to act like a child & where does this anger come from?

We’ve been called racist for making fun of Condi Rice, we’ve been called “shamefull” and “disgusting” for making fun of the president (he’s not even our prez)

We got shit for making fun of Stephen Hawking, not to mention the countless prople we’ve upset because of our views on 911.

But this guy…maybe it’s all the racist favourites he has, or the smug ignorant pride…gets under my skin. Can everyone please do me a favour & fill his comments with Apple Juice and Fruitbaskets. This guy needs a kiwi, fast.

It’ll be fun & it will confuse the shit out of the guy 🙂

Here is a screenshot so far of his page….THANKS everybody!!!

Categorized List of Videos

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Stupid Videos

Hi everybody….Mike here; Pete’s fornicating with a cheese plate, because he couldn’t find…never mind, anyway, suffice it to say that he’s been doing all the work on this blog and I felt it time I contribute, so here it is.

First of all thanks everybody! Speaking for Pete & myself, we had no idea how much people liked our shit…I mean…it’s pretty stupid…we have so much fun with it, and I guess we figured it was just “ours” and no-one else would find it THAT funny.

We’re just dumbfounded that some people are actually saying “fuck a fruitbasket” in their daily lives…

Alright!! Here’s a categorized list of our videos, in case you

a) cared,

b) were wondering,

c) hear things in the night that sound like potato chips being forced off the road

Trek TNG
Fish Cream
Online Swimming
Move Your Car
Happy in Paraguay
Soup Kitchen in My Pants
Turbo Lift
Non Treqitur
Tired of Crazy Train
Acid Trek
911 Trek
Star Trek Outtakes- Wipe it on the Wall
Star Trek Outtakes – Volume II
Star Trek Outtakes-Data Krupa

Trek TOS

Star Trek-Who Pooed on Your Dad?
Star Trek “Chin Hitler
Star Trek Outtakes-Lunch Trek
What would you do with a Raisin?

The News
Wooden Bag


I’m a Railroad
Boo Yeah

Bush on Truth Syrum

Bye Bye Bush

Grapefruit World


Insane McCain

FDR Rant

George Sr. Quickie


Crazy Kerry

Condi Rice Freaks Out

Obama Bites

Obama Cosby
The First DJO Obama Video
Obama Teaser

DJO the Band

Dayjob Orchestra- Things are heavy sometimes


Dayjob Orchestra- Deal With it

DJO originals
DJO- Suicide Hotline
Channel Surfing
Michael Thorne taught his cat how to play the Bongos
Are the Aliens Like Us – DJO
WTF is DJO – Trailer
DJO Crop Circle
DJO-Frank Surfs

SPLAT – Guitar Solo – Pete Swann – DJO

Drum solo Dropped Stick
Mike Thorne Plays “Cissy Strut”
DJO Mike Thorne Drum Vamp- “Superstition”
Dumbek Mike
Mike Thorne plays Spur of the Moment
Mike Thorne plays Bat Country
“Jazzwad” (fish Beat)
Mike Thorne Drumming
Michael Thorne playing along with “Crank That-Soldier Boy”
Local Heroes- A Different Light- 1998
Mike Thorne Drum soloing
Jungle Drummin
Mike Thorne Cissy Strut Drum solo
Mike Thorne Broken Wrist Drumming

Stuff We Found in the Dryer
Ass Beads
DJO Medley 3
Apple Juice
Star Trek Outtakes1
Star Trek Outtakes-DJO Video Medley


Out where Pineapples are Powerful

Everybody Swears

Sea Bee See

Kat Stacks Fever



DJO Promo

Fart Mart


DJO – Lions

Star Trek Outtakes- Wipe it on the Wall

Proof in Your Pocket 2
Proof in Your Pocket 1 of 2
Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist
Bush Answers 911 Questions
South Tower Anomalies III – Addressing the Debunkers
9/11 – Two Screens, Two Pills