The Two-Word Flail

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Stupid Words

It started out as a word game we came up with on long boring drives between gigs. We called it “words not found in the Bible”. For instance, modem, fries, and rimjob. Then it evolved into the “two-word flail” – two incongruous words that make up a term which no sane person could ever envision, nor would ever have a use for. For example, “apology fluid”. A way to test for the incongruity or a two-word flail is to Google it in quotes. If the words don’t show up together in a sentence, then you are truly random – congratulations.

Some DJO 2wf’s:

Bunny Silo
Attack Hedge
Hammerhead Panda
Ballroom Fasting
Bubble Husband
Pudding Belt
Timing Puke
Battle Slippers
Bullet-Proof Kids
Lung Nuns
Anti-aircraft Wedding
Glue Race
Lint Parade
Soup Gun
Synchronized Sleeping

You get the idea.

Goodbye Pants


Apple Juice Tour (one night only)

Posted: June 15, 2010 in DJO Newz

I am a friend of DJO and have been a big fan of their music and videos for a long time.  I have wanted to organize a show incorporating their music and videos and they have finally agreed!  Well, there is a catch: We need to get enough people together to make the show possible.  If you are someone who would want to see them do their thing and can get to Toronto, comment below so we know how feasible this idea is.  Woooot Apple Juice.

Categorized List of Videos

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Stupid Videos

Hi everybody….Mike here; Pete’s fornicating with a cheese plate, because he couldn’t find…never mind, anyway, suffice it to say that he’s been doing all the work on this blog and I felt it time I contribute, so here it is.

First of all thanks everybody! Speaking for Pete & myself, we had no idea how much people liked our shit…I mean…it’s pretty stupid…we have so much fun with it, and I guess we figured it was just “ours” and no-one else would find it THAT funny.

We’re just dumbfounded that some people are actually saying “fuck a fruitbasket” in their daily lives…

Alright!! Here’s a categorized list of our videos, in case you

a) cared,

b) were wondering,

c) hear things in the night that sound like potato chips being forced off the road

Trek TNG
Fish Cream
Online Swimming
Move Your Car
Happy in Paraguay
Soup Kitchen in My Pants
Turbo Lift
Non Treqitur
Tired of Crazy Train
Acid Trek
911 Trek
Star Trek Outtakes- Wipe it on the Wall
Star Trek Outtakes – Volume II
Star Trek Outtakes-Data Krupa

Trek TOS

Star Trek-Who Pooed on Your Dad?
Star Trek “Chin Hitler
Star Trek Outtakes-Lunch Trek
What would you do with a Raisin?

The News
Wooden Bag


I’m a Railroad
Boo Yeah

Bush on Truth Syrum

Bye Bye Bush

Grapefruit World


Insane McCain

FDR Rant

George Sr. Quickie


Crazy Kerry

Condi Rice Freaks Out

Obama Bites

Obama Cosby
The First DJO Obama Video
Obama Teaser

DJO the Band

Dayjob Orchestra- Things are heavy sometimes


Dayjob Orchestra- Deal With it

DJO originals
DJO- Suicide Hotline
Channel Surfing
Michael Thorne taught his cat how to play the Bongos
Are the Aliens Like Us – DJO
WTF is DJO – Trailer
DJO Crop Circle
DJO-Frank Surfs

SPLAT – Guitar Solo – Pete Swann – DJO

Drum solo Dropped Stick
Mike Thorne Plays “Cissy Strut”
DJO Mike Thorne Drum Vamp- “Superstition”
Dumbek Mike
Mike Thorne plays Spur of the Moment
Mike Thorne plays Bat Country
“Jazzwad” (fish Beat)
Mike Thorne Drumming
Michael Thorne playing along with “Crank That-Soldier Boy”
Local Heroes- A Different Light- 1998
Mike Thorne Drum soloing
Jungle Drummin
Mike Thorne Cissy Strut Drum solo
Mike Thorne Broken Wrist Drumming

Stuff We Found in the Dryer
Ass Beads
DJO Medley 3
Apple Juice
Star Trek Outtakes1
Star Trek Outtakes-DJO Video Medley


Out where Pineapples are Powerful

Everybody Swears

Sea Bee See

Kat Stacks Fever



DJO Promo

Fart Mart


DJO – Lions

Star Trek Outtakes- Wipe it on the Wall

Proof in Your Pocket 2
Proof in Your Pocket 1 of 2
Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist
Bush Answers 911 Questions
South Tower Anomalies III – Addressing the Debunkers
9/11 – Two Screens, Two Pills

Roy Crab Hates DJO

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Stupid Words

It’s amazing what you can come up with when you have too much time on your hands. As you know, an anagram is a word built from the letters of another word, IE “Stop” & “Post”. If you take all the letters that make up “Dayjob Orchestra”, throw them in a fruit basket & mix them up (as we did), you will discover at least 100 anagrams. That is, 100 phrases using correctly spelled English words or abbreviations, where all 15 letters are used:

Joy Bros’ Death Car
Trashy Road Object
Bad Theory Jars Co.
Roy Crab Hates DJO
Dr. Joe Robs a Yacht
Each Day, Rob J. Rots
Shoot, Jab, Cry, Read
Jordy B. Eats Roach
Dryer Chaos at Job
Thor Races Dayjob
Jars Coat Her Body
Today’s Job: Her Car
Joy! The Car Broads!
Shared Cot Joy Bra
Joy Bothers a Card
A Short Yard Object
Dr. Jaco’s Earth Boy
Joy! Beat Orchards!
Jacob Heard Story
Abort Search Jody
Drab Jac Hero Toys
Jacob’s Harder Toy
Bars Teach Rod Joy
Cry “Oh” Joe Bastard
Hard Bra Cost Joey
Hey, Dobro Cat Jars
Darcy J. Trash Oboe
Joy Throb’s Arcade
Oh, Jerry’s Bad Taco
Dr. Joy Beats Roach
Dr. Joy Eats Broach
Dr. Joy Seat Broach
Dr. Joy’s Heat Cobra
Joy Act Bod Sharer
Joy Carbs Rot Head
Joy! Torched Arabs!
Joe’s Drab Toy Arch
DJ Harry T. Caboose
Cry “Jo” to Shed Arab
Jab Each Dry Torso
Joy CDs Throb Area
Jaba the Sorry Cod
Roast Each Job Dry
The Coy Radar Jobs
A Botched Rosy Jar
Do Share Crab Joy
JB Rosco Death Ray
Ahoy! Red Job Carts
Chord Boy Eats Jar
Easy Bro Hot CD Jar
Ed Carrot Joy Bash
Hey Sad Carrot Job
Jo’s Oar Derby Chat
Baha CD Joy Resort
Brash Red Taco Joy
Jay Corrodes Bath
Brad H., Joy Coaster
Bad Try, Choose Jar
At Roy’s Boched Jar
JR Yoda’s Other Cab
Chad, Try Oreo Jabs
Joy Bathes Car Rod
Yech! Bad Root Jars
Hot Bread Joy Cars
Bach Jar Rodeo Sty
Cathy B. Rodeo Jars
Dr. Achy Boot Jears
Dry Carat Shoe Job
Joy Shred Taco Bra
Chaser To a Dry Job
Joy as Torch Beard
Brother Jay as Doc
Jab Trashy Oreo CD
Rob, The Sad Coy Jar
Sado-Joy Herb Cart
To Her Dayjob Scar
Do Jab The Cars, Roy
Soy Car Job Hatred
A Sacred Throb Joy
Rooster Had BC Jay
Astro BJ Day Chore
Yoda Jar Chest Bro
A Sore Batch Dr. Joy
Boo, Try Jade’s Arch
Joy Cars to be Hard
Cry “Sore Hat” at Job
The Coy Jars Board
Jab Darcy’s Hooter
Dr. Cobra’s Joy Heat
BC Too Dry, Share a J
Joy Rats Bed Roach
Oh Joy, Cedar Brats
Jar Soothed by Car
Boa Jo’s Dryer Chat
Toy J Breads Roach
Scary OJ Hated Rob
Dr. Cosy Hot Ear Jab
Torso Jab by Dr. A. Chey
Choose Jay, Dr. Brat
Dr. Jay Batch Oreos
Joy Chest Road Bra
Hooray! CD Bra Jets
Joe’s Hot Crab Yard
A Cry Jar Does Both
Dear Trashy Job Co:
Dojo Arse Bath Cry
Chest Ray Door Jab
A Dry Score Hat Job
Scar Her Job Today
Co-ed Boy Trash Jar
Tod Car, Joy Basher
Trashy CEO Jab Rod
Bach Star, Redo Joy
Orchard Joy Beast
Bastard Chore Joy
Jars To Reach Body
Brad Rots Each Joy
Ah Joy…Strobe Card
Brash Co-ed Jar Toy
Jay Door Bra Test
O Joy, The Rad Crabs
Rad Roy Cheats Job
Yes Rod…Chat Or Jab
Crash Year Dot Job
Caged Boots Harry
Bored Rat Joy Cash
Yoda J. Throb Cares
Stab Hero Joy Card
A Sacred Broth Joy
Betray Josh or a CD
DJO Boys Hear Cart
Jay Scored Hot Bra
Batch Joy Arse Rod
Hard Breast Joy Co

One of our former bands, “State of the Art”, became better known by its anagram, “Eat Otter Shaft”. This complete waste of everyone’s time is brought to you by DJO.

Former DJO band names:

Sex With the Insane
The Soaring Throats
Your Parents
Stage Tumor
The Abortones
Anyone Seen My Keys?

Fish Cream – New Vid

Posted: June 10, 2010 in DJO Newz

After 20 hours, Fish Cream has 6216 views!  Sorry to the early viewers who liked the first edit better – we pulled it after one hour online and then re-upped it with some fixes.  Not much more to say other than fish beat. And watch the video.

DJO fans rock harder than actual rocks!!!

DJO – A Blog is Born

Posted: June 5, 2010 in DJO Newz

Oh my Blog! Michael Thorne and myslef, Pete Swann are pleased to present the official Dayjob Orchestra Blog; a mission to entertain, offend and confuse as many people as possible.

What the hell is DJO?

DJO started as a a progressive rock band in 1991 consisting of:

Drums – Michael Thorne
Guitar – Pete Swann
Bass – Christ Robertson

We did not expect to eventually become better known for our stupid videos, but life is like that – random.

The stupid videos originated at our first jam spot, Giant Screen TV, when Mike came up with the idea to replace dialog using two VCRs. One VCR would record video from the other, while we dubbed in the new audio with a microphone. This was painstaking – we had to re-sync both machines for each attempt at each line & the video quality sucked.

Years later, in September of 2006, Mike uploaded the first computer-edited DJO video to YouTube, called “Condi Rice Freaks Out“. Between two uploads, that video now has  602,000 views. The most popular video so far is “Happy in Paraguay“, with 1,245,123 views, thanks mainly to AOTS (Attack of the Show) who aired it in part one day after we uploaded it. AOTS gave us another plug the following week and even drank apple juice on the show! Another fav by views is “StarTrek Outtakes II“.

How do we do it? Lots of people ask how we sync the words and what software we use. If there was software to put random words in people’s mouths, I’d definitely buy it, but I haven’t seen it yet. We use Sony Vegas – real easy to use audio/video editor. As for how we sync the dialog, here’s the basic method:

1> Choose a short line of dialog or a short part of a line of dialog that you want to replace.
2> Watch the line many times. (without the original audio)
3> Come up with your best match for timing, expression and emphasis.
4> If you are rolling around on the floor laughing, move on to the next line.

Of course this means there will be no continuity between lines, but that never bothered us.

What’s with the apple juice? We’ll never tell.

What style is our music? We call it Sweet Neo-contemporary Post-previous Disco-metal with a side of James Taylor.

Who does the voices? Me & Mike do all of them interchangeably. I have to digitally pitch myself down to do Worf, but Mike can do Worf no prob.

Why are we truthers? Because we’ve done the research.

Why do you use profanity and gratuitous sexual references? Because we are not politically correct and because we consider them more silly than literal. You have been warned.

When’s the next video coming out? In about a week!

What’s the mating call of the Hammerhead Panda? Blaaaaaaarrrrrrggggg!

There are FIVE Fish heads.

Thanks for checking out the DJO Blog!